The Way

This is an invitation to join me in Celebrating 50 years on this Planet.

Laid out my initial map for the journey.. this may change.. but this is my journey and I will change as well


You can Join the Adventure and Learn all about how you too can Live on a Laptop and Travel the world!

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This journey is not for everyone.. it is my journey, for which I wish to share with friends.  You have a year to plan.. prepare… and enjoy.

In 2017 I’m taking the trek across Spain to Celebrate my 50th year on this Planet (this time).  Dates yet to be determined but thinking towards Sept/Oct.

There are many options for the Pilgrimage as you can find on the website listed below but I have sent the direct Link to the  Camino Francés

This is the FULL 790km (490 Miles) walk.



“Although I may have traveled all the roads,
crossed mountains and valleys from East to West,
if I have not discovered the freedom to be my self,
I have arrived nowhere.

Although I may have shared all of my possessions
with people of other languages and cultures;
made friends with Pilgrims of a thousand paths,
if I am not capable of forgiving my neighbor tomorrow,
I have arrived nowhere.

Although I may have had food and water each day,
or may have had my injuries well attended,
if I have not discovered the Divine in others,
I have arrived nowhere.

If from today I do not continue walking on the path,
searching and living according to what I have learned;
my journey has been in vain because,
I have arrived nowhere.”


My Journey (Full Walk) is approximately 30 days of Walking.  I invite you to email me expressing interest and I will keep you updated as I discover more about this and begin to plan.  I’ll be adding a page to my website for tracking and info later.

If this is interesting to you, but you have a Job or other commitments that you cannot be away from home/job/etc. for 30+ days at a time…  you can shorten your journey by starting at various points along “The Way”.  The Website above has really good information about the different walks and broken in to sections so you decide to make a 3, 5, 7. 14, 30, 45 or 90 day journey.  Or any combination of trip / days you choose the point is to end / meet at Santiago de Compostela and finish our journey together at the edge of the sea.

There is talk of after the Journey is complete to adventure over to the Island of Malta just south of Italy and spend a few weeks relaxing and recounting our adventures over the previous month.  Again… look for updates on my site.

If you need inspiration read about the movie called “The Way”


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